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Soooo cruel en barberic.. its so sad how brothers can be deeply seperated by faith.. Africans should rise above this sort of conditioning.. am so sure that the very people who brought the light of religion to Africa are the same people instigating such barberic acts… God save Africa

My son

My son

Mafabi Twaha Nangoli Options for this story AN OPEN LETTER TO A WESTERN BULLY. DEAR PRESIDENT BARRACK OBAMA, I just wanted to say to you a few things and I hope you take them to heart and learn a few things! I have read your press release on the pending legislation in Uganda targeting the vice of homosexuality from an African traditional society perspective. In the event that you have forgotten about it, you can refresh your mind by reading it at http:// I have read your statement that enacting this legislation will complicate your valued relationship with Uganda and because of that, we are all mourning the obvious loss of that relationship! Do you know why? Because it is obvious that with or without legislation in Uganda, homosexuality will always remain a despised and rejected way of living! Now dont get me wrong. We love gays, homosexuals, night dancers, cannibals, adulterers, thieves, murderers, etc! Any of the above people could be your mother, father, spouse, sibling, boss, landlord, ex, preacher, relative etc! We love them because we are supposed to love them! It is the greatest commandment in any religion; to love your neighbor as you love yourself! That said, we hate and loathe the sin! We separate the sin from the sinner. Growing up, my mother would spank me when I went wrong and would tell me that she was beating the mistake out of me and not me! Well i felt the pain but I also learnt that she was not spanking me because she hated me! I know that it was because she loved me too much to ignore my wrong doing. She loved me too much not to let me take the wrong path or make the wrong decision! Mr President, I appreciate your stand on human rights; it is indeed an applaudable venture! But I must add, unashamingly, that I hate your pretence! In your statement, you write, “We believe that people everywhere should be treated equally, with dignity and respect…” Now, that’s a powerful statement and that’s impressive! But Mr President, let me remind you about a few things! A few years ago, a genocide happened in a country called Rwanda and tens of thousands of people lost their lives. By the way, all of you (your country and its allies) looked on without a care in the world! Mr President, ethnic cleansing is going on in a nearby country called Central African Republic! A civil war continues in Southern Sudan. Somalia continues to struggle under the attack of a terrorist agenda. Some few years back, our own country continues to live with the effects of a war that left women raped, children orphaned and hundreds of people maimed! Mr President, in all these, I have not seen you or your predecessors come out strongly about these forms of human rights abuse and war crimes! Infact i remember that you sent forces into Libya that massacred thousands of people in the name of removing their then leader, Muammar Gadhaffi! Do not make me remind you of the atrocities that your forces committed in Afghanistan and continue to commitagainst the people that are illegally detained at Guantanamo Bay! Are these not human beings worth of having their right to life, shelter, food livelihood and peace respected? Are you not the actual perpetrators? You continue to kill hundreds of people by drone attacks yet preach human rights? Is it news to you that 17 out of the 50 states in your own country continue to reject homosexuality? How about you start from there before carrying your opinions to Africa? Is it a secret that you sent your SEALS to kill Bin Laden without according him a right to be heard? Well, let me remind you of one last incident! Mr President, I am sure youhave heard about Travyon Martin and the increased racism and murder of blacks in America! I am sure that you know that your judicial system is not as fair as you represent it to be! Mr President, I appreciate your concerns about our anti-homosexuality legislation and I appreciate your concern on human rights! But well, is it not a violation of human rights when the opposition is brutalised and journalists assaulted? Is it not a violation of human rights when our land is taken away and given to foreign investors? Is it not a violation of human rights when donor money is stolen and we are subjected to disease and hunger? Why don’t you intervene in such situations? Are those not blatant violations of human rights? What is your definition of human rights? Mr president, is your concern Human rights or Rectal(sexual) rights? The reason why I brought all this out is to show you that the teaching of Jesus that “before you remove a speck in someone’s eyes, remove the log in yours” is actually still good law and preaching! Before you threaten us with severed relationships because of a moral stand, you ought to understand that there are better things for you to invest your energy and good resources to! Do you want me to believe that the rights of gays (who by the way have not been persecuted as you indicate) are in more danger than the thousands of people who continue to die everyday from hunger, disease and war? How about you invest your money, time, energy and precious saliva to that cause? Mr President, let me tell you that with or without legislation, some things will not change and our attitude towards homosexuality is one of them! Prior to 2013, we did not have an elaborate legislation on homosexuality but I can assure you that we continued to despise the vice and continue to teach our children that God does not make mistakes! That if he made you female, then you are supposed to be female! We teach our children that the collapse of a nation starts when its moral fiber decays! We teach them that all sin is sin and it is equal in the eyes of God and Allah! Infact we use your country as an example! We tell them that the continued brutal assault on schools by gun-wielding adults is because the moral fiber of the American society is slowly becoming extinct! Therefore your children find it acceptable to walk into a school and kill other children! No Mr President, we dont want a moral-less society! Mr President, the point I am trying to make in all this is that you should kindly allow us to treat this vice the best way we know how; reject it in the strongest terms possible! I find it both legally and morally wrong to bully us and our President because of a choice we have made! Mr President, I can assure you that if we went to the polls for a referendum on homosexuality, over 98% of our population would support our stand! We may be a poor nation and we may lack a lot of amenities! That is true for a fact! But i can tell you that we are the happiest people in the entire world because we have life and that is all that matters! It is better than living in debt and on credit and representing a different image fromwho we actually are. Culture is dear to our hearts and we will protect it with the last breath we have! I understand that you provide asylum to those who are persecuted as a result of political beliefs and sexual orientation! We shall be kindly asking all the gays to seek that asylum and exercise their right to be gay in your lawless community called the United States of America. Kindly keep away from making any neo-colonialistic remarks and we shall remain on good terms! Mr President, STOP BULLYING US! Bullying in all its forms is bad and this is an example of a country’s leader that doesn’t respect territorial boundaries and state sovereignty. Lastly the Nigerians say, “Wash that your dirty mouth or I shall wash it for you” Mr President, kindly take that saying to head and respond accordingly! You may want to read this passage: “First, they came to Africa as missionaries, gave us the Bible and found that Africans married more than one wife. They said it was wrong on the ground that God made them one man one wife. After a lot of bastardization and abuse, we, Africans, swallowed that pill and opted for one man one wife marriage. Then, when they started having marriage problems, they shifted the argument to seeking divorce if the marriage doesn’t work. Africans cried foul on the grounds that the marriage oath says ’till death do us part’. After a lot of convincing words, Africans gradually bought that too. Soon they stated that single parenthood is the best form and that there is no need for a man and woman to seek a marriage union. The gave reasons and called it feminism, right assertion etc. Africans battled it and after a while,single parenthood which used to be a taboo, became the norm for most women. Now that they have destroyed the institution of marriage and found no need to live with a woman or with a man as husband and wife, they have now moved over to tell us that marriage is not exclusively about man and woman but about two persons who love themselves. Yet, they still have the same copy of the bible they brought to us. Most of the states in the US say NO and are seen as backward. The progressive states have opted to say yes, marriage can be between male/male or female/female. They call it love. They call it freedom. They eulogize anyone who identifies himself as such as being courageous. And not satisfied with that in their lands, they are pushing it down to us in Africa. And they are threatening economic and commercial issues to it. Their media agencies like CNN forces it down your ears. For them, you are cool if you accept it. Meanwhile, the chief campaigner, Obama, lives with his wife. I will like to see him encourage his daughters to grow in that direction and bring home lesbian partners. Very soon, they will no longer findany attraction in homosexuality. Then, they will go back to their Supreme Court to seek an interpretation of the Marriage Act to ensure it does not exclude marriage to Cats, Dogs, Donkeys,Pythons, Monkeys, Baboons, Chimpanzees and even Rats.”‘ N.B: Kindly become parties to the Rome Statute so that we can hold your nation accountable for its various blatant abuse and violation of human rights! Expect no further communication on the above because enough is said. With love, A disgruntled Ugandan! Dr. Mafabi Twaha Nangoli Yeno Uganda/ This is Uganda

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Algeria Algerian Embassy in Kampala, Uganda

Embassy of Algeria in Kampala, Uganda

Pmpt 14 Acacia

Avenue Kololo

  • City: Kampala

    Phone: 256 41 232 689, 256 41 232 918

    Fax: 256 41 341 015


Austria Austrian Consulate in Kampala, Uganda

Consulate of Austria in Kampala, Uganda

Plot No. 6, Bank Lane

Entebbe Road, Kampala

P.O. Box 11273

Kampala, Uganda

  • City: Kampala

    Phone: (+256) 41-235-796

    Fax: (+256) 41-235-796


    Office Hours: Monday to Friday 8.30 a.m. to 1.00 p.m.

Bangladesh Bangladeshi Consulate in Kampala, Uganda

Bangladeshi Consulate in Kampala, Uganda

Luthuli Avenue

Binayomba Road Sign Post

Off Luthuli Rd Plot No. 2



  • City: Kampala

    Phone: (+256) 41-220710 / (+256) 41-220711

Belgium Belgian Embassy in Kampala, Uganda

Embassy of Belgium in Kampala, Uganda

Rwenzori House (3rd floor)

Lumumba Avenue, plot 1

PO Box 7043 Kampala

China Chinese Embassy in Kampala, Uganda

Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in the Republic of Uganda

Plot 37, Malcolm X Avenue, Kololo

Kampala, Uganda

Cuba Cuban Embassy in Kampala, Uganda

Embassy of Cuba in Kampala, Uganda

K.A.R. Drive Plot 10

Kampala, Uganda

PO BOX 9226

Cyprus Cypriot Consulate in Kampala, Uganda

Honorary Consul of the Republic of Cyprus in Uganda

Plot M289

Ntinda, Industrial Area

P.O. Box 27198

Kampala, Uganda

Denmark Danish Embassy in Kampala, Uganda

Royal Danish Embassy in Uganda

Plot 3, Lumumba Avenue

P.O. Box 11243

Egypt Egyptian Embassy in Kampala, Uganda

Embassy of Egypt in Uganda


  • City: Kampala

    Phone: (+256) 41345152 - 41254525

    Fax: (+256 41) 232103

Ethiopia Ethiopian Embassy in Kampala, Uganda

Embassy of Ethiopia in Uganda

Off Kira Road, Plot No. 3L (Near Rwanda High Commission)

Nakasero, P.O.Box: 7745

France French Embassy in Kampala, Uganda

Embassy of France in Kampala, Uganda

Lumumba Avenue, 16 - Nakasero

PO box 7212 

Germany German Embassy in Kampala, Uganda

Embassy of Germany in Uganda

Plot 15, Philip Road

Kalolo, Kampala

  • City: Kampala

    Phone: 256 41 50 11 11

    Fax: 256 41 50 11 15



    Office Hours: Monday and Friday 08.00 14.00 Tuesday to Thursday 08.00 17.00 Open to Public: Monday to Friday 09.00 12.00 Scholarship enquiries: Tuesday to Thursday 09.00 - 11.30

Greece Greek Consulate in Kampala, Uganda

Honorary Consulate of Greece in Kampala

P.O. Box 27198, Kampala, Uganda

  • City: Kampala

    Phone: (00256414) 286961

    Fax: (00256414) 286960

Greenland Greenlandic Embassy in Kampala, Uganda

Royal Danish Embassy in Uganda

Plot 3, Lumumba Avenue

P.O. Box 11243


  • City: Kampala

    Phone: +256 (0) 312 263 211

    Fax: +256 (0) 312 264 624



    Office Hours: Monday - Thursday: 8:00 am to 4:00 pm Friday: 8:00 am to 2:00 pm

    Details: The Faroe Islands and Greenland are part of the Kingdom of Denmark. As a main principle, the Danish Constitution stipulates that the foreign and security interests for all parts of the Kingdom of Denmark are the responsibility of the Danish government.

Hungary Hungarian Consulate in Kampala, Uganda

Honorary Consulate of Hungary in Uganda

P. O. Box 1350, Kampala, Uganda

India Indian Consulate in Kampala, Uganda

High Commission of India in Kampala, Uganda

Plot 11, Kyadondo Road

Nakasero, PO Box 7040

Indonesia Indonesian Consulate in Kampala, Uganda

Honorary Consulate of Indonesia in Kampala, Uganda

Grams Casaments, (P.O.BOX 4641)

Kampala, Uganda

Ireland Irish Embassy in Kampala, Uganda

Embassy of Ireland in Kampala, Uganda

25 Yusuf Lule Road

PO Box 7791

  • City: Kampala

    Phone: + 256 41 7713000

    Fax: + 256 41 4344 353



    Office Hours: Monday - Thursday 10a.m. - 12p.m. & 2p.m. - 4p.m. Friday 10a.m. - 12p.m.

    Details: Ambassador: His Excellency Kevin Kelly

Italy Italian Embassy in Kampala, Uganda

Italian Embassy in Uganda

11, Lourdel Road


Kenya Kenyan Consulate in Kampala, Uganda

High Commission of the Republic of Kenya in Kampala, Uganda

Corner Acacia Ave/Lower Kololo Tce

Netherlands Dutch Embassy in Kampala, Uganda

Royal Embassy of Netherlands in Kampala, Uganda

Nakasero Road

Plot 2, Kampala

P.O. Box 7728 

Kampala, Uganda

  • City: Kampala

    Phone: + 256 41 346000

    Fax: + 256 41 231861



    Office Hours: Monday - Friday 08.00 - 12.30 hrs 13.15 - 17.00 hrs Office hours Visa and pasports Monday - Friday 08.30 - 12.00 hrs Office hours Fellowship Monday - Wednesday 13.00 - 15.00 hrs

Norway Norwegian Embassy in Kampala, Uganda

Royal Norwegian Embassy in Kampala, Uganda

Plot 18B Akii-Bua Road, Nakasero

P.O. Box 22770,

  • City: Kampala

    Phone: +256 417 11 20 00

    Fax: +256 41 4343936



    Office Hours: The Embassy opening hours: Monday - Thusday, 07:30 - 15:30. Friday, 07.30 - 13.00

Poland Polish Consulate in Kampala, Uganda

Honorary Consulate of Poland in Uganda

Farmers House, Plot 6-8 Parliamentary Avenue

PO Box 7103 

Russia Russian Embassy in Kampala, Uganda

Embassy of Russia in Kampala, Uganda

Embassy of the Russian Federation in the Republic of Uganda

P.O.Box 7022, Malcolm X Avenue

Plot 28

  • City: Kampala

    Phone: +256 41 4 345-698

    Fax: +256 41 4 354-798


    Office Hours: Monday-Friday 8.00 a.m.-5.00 p.m.

Rwanda Rwandan Embassy in Kampala, Uganda

Rwandan Embassy in Kampala, Uganda

Nakaima Road No. 2

P.O.Box 2468

Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabian Embassy in Kampala, Uganda

Saudi Arabia Embassy , Uganda





Seychelles Seychelles Consulate in Kampala, Uganda

Consulate of the Republic of Seychelles in Kampala

5th Floor, Workers House, Plot 1, Pilkington Road

P.O. Box 9566, Kampala, Uganda




South Africa South African Consulate in Kampala, Uganda

South African High Commission

15A Nakasero Road Kampala

P O Box 22667 Kampala

Spain Spanish Consulate in Kampala, Uganda

Consulate of Spain in Uganda

27 Baskerville Kololo

  • City: Kampala

    Phone: +256-41-342372

    Fax: +256-41-349408

Sweden Swedish Embassy in Kampala, Uganda

Embassy of Sweden in Kampala, Uganda

24, Lumumba Avenue




Tanzania Tanzanian Embassy in Kampala, Uganda

Embassy of Tanzania in Kampala, Uganda

6 Kagera Road, P. O. 5750, Kampala, Uganda

  • City: Kampala

    Phone: (41) 257357, 242815, 256272

    Fax: (041) 242890


Tanzania Tanzanian Embassy in Kampala, Uganda

Embassy of Tanzania in Uganda

6 Kagera Road

  • City: Kampala

    Phone: (+256-41) 256272 / 257357 / 342306

    Fax: +256-41-343973 / +256-41-075-787838


Thailand Thai Consulate in Kampala, Uganda

Consulate of Thailand in Uganda

Plot 10 Kalitunsi Road, Bugolobi

  • City: Kampala

    Phone: +256-41-232176

United Kingdom British Consulate in Kampala, Uganda

British High Commission in Kampala, Uganda

4 Windsor Loop

PO Box 7070

Kampala, Uganda


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